iBitz Brings the Fitness Tracker Market to Kids

Side-view-green2Adults aren’t the only ones who need to stay active. iBitz is one of the rare fitness trackers on the market that includes an engaging way to get kids outside and interested in staying healthy.

iBitz is a pocket-sized fitness tracker from GeoPalz that track steps for up to 30 days. Kids and adults alike can set goals and create groups with family and friends to challenge and encourage others. There’s a clip on the back if you want to wear it on a piece of clothing, too. All of the information is recorded and sent to a smartphone app using Bluetooth.

That smartphone app will be a little different for kids and adults. Kids will get iBitz PowerKey, which features a Tamagotchi-like game where kids need to take care of a critter by feeding it, playing with it, and putting it to bed. The energy required to perform all of those actions is determined by how many steps the child has taken, encouraging activity. iBitz Unity is for adults, and is considerably less exciting. That app will be your standard fitness tracking app, giving you a look at charts tracking your activity, weight, and BMI.

iBitz is available in eight colors and is selling for $35.