Schoola Makes Back to School Shopping Easy While Helping to Fund Schools

SchoolaThe good news is that with Schoola, you can get back to school clothes on the cheap. The better news is that everything you buy on their site helps to fund schools.

Parents across the United States can offer up used kids clothing that is no longer needed, all of which will be posted for sale on Schoola’s website according to their pricing, sort of like a consignment shop. Once things go on sale in mid-July, anyone will be able to purchase those clothes from the site, with Schoola promising prices of as much as 90 percent off retail.

That brings us to the part about funding schools. 40 percent of all sales on a given item will go to whatever school has been designated by the parents donating the clothes. Schoola will be open for business all summer long, giving you plenty of time to unload the old, bring in the used, and help out a few schools in need of a few extra dollars in the process.