iHome Mini Speakers Miss Golden Pun Opportunity

DM-M79_A_1.jpg.450x400_q85I don’t know why the marketing team didn’t take the low-hanging fruit of mini speakers bearing Minnie Mouse ears and polka dots, but it doesn’t make the speakers any less attractive for Disney fans out there.

The Minnie Speakers (come on, it’s right there!) are portable polka dot speakers that come with a USB charging cord and an iPhone/iPod dock base. If you want to use the speakers with the base, you’ll need to connect the two speakers together with the included USB cable. The speakers, which are similar to previous springy iHome portable speakers, stick to the base magnetically. For maximum portability, the speakers can be removed from the base and used individually or in tandem anywhere you go.

iHome’s Minnie Mouse Mini Speakers are available now from eKids for about $50. Minnie Speakers.