Hot Wheels Sets World Record for Longest Toy Track in History


There was a world record set this past weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but it didn’t go down at the Indianapolis 500. It happened the day before, at the opening act for the premier IndyCar race in the United States.

That’s when Hot Wheels held its World’s Best Driver Championship event, which featured the record in question – the longest toy race car track ever built. The track was four lanes, and spanned one mile. It was also the site of a race between four kids and their Hot Wheels, to settle speed superiority. Or, reaction time, anyway – after releasing the cars down a ramp, the four cars zoomed down and hit occasional speed boost sections of the track that propelled the cars around to the finish line.

Christopher Bienusa’s car came out on top, and he celebrated in true Indy 500 fashion – downing the traditional bottle of milk and kissing the bricks at the racetrack. And, seeing as how he got some personal time with the legendary Andretti brothers of racing, who knows – it might not be Bienusa’s last time coming out on top at a raceway. We’ll have to see if any more world records will be involved.