Record Precious Memories With Disney’s Story App

Taking pictures and video using smartphones and tablets is really, really easy. So easy that many people might end up taking too many – all that media might get lost in the roiling sea that is the average camera roll.

That’s the problem Disney is trying to solve with its Story app. No Disney characters here, though – this time around, Disney wants to help you tell your own story. Story takes all the photos and videos in your roll, and organizes them based on when and where they were taken. From there, you can refine any given chunk of media into a story.

The end result will sort of be like a multimedia photo album. Once you have one of those chunks, you can remove pictures and videos that don’t pass muster. Then, you can work on telling the story with captions or full-on pages of text. Different themes and layouts can be used as finishing touches, after which your story can be shared over social media or email. They can also be shared privately over the Web by using the story.us website, which non-app, non-Facebook users can access to view stories. Your stories are not made public on story.us, though, so only people you share your story with will be able to see them. Your stories are also automatically saved to iCloud, as this is an iOS-only app for now.

Story is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.