PicklePeas Make Bibs More Fun and Safer to Wear for Babies

PicklePeas is a new company that wants to throw out the boring old blue bibs and bring in something a little more fun to look at. They are selling snap-on bibs and accompanying baby clothes that seem to be a better choice than the throwaway bibs of the past.

PicklePeas’ bibs snap on to baby clothes also sold by PicklePeas, so you can’t exactly buy PicklePeas bibs and use them with the baby clothes you already have. But, the extra benefits are worth having to get new baby clothes just for your new bib. There’s no string involved, so babies can’t hurt themselves by tugging on the bib or string and making it tighter.

The PicklePeas bibs also have a waterproof layer to catch drool, so your baby will hopefully make less of a mess out of his or her clothes. What’s underneath that waterproof layer shouldn’t be ignored, either – fun and bright designs from owls to rocketships that babies will probably enjoy seeing a lot more than a plain blue piece of cloth.

PicklePeas baby clothes come bundled in sets ranging from $70 to $115, but you also have the option to purchase pieces individually. Alternately, you can choose to build your own set out of the separates available to you.