Next Time the Kids Ask for a Pet, Get Them Robo Fish

Kids asking for a pet is one of the many moments a parent dreads in the odyssey that is child rearing. If that moment comes too soon for your liking, good news – you can just grab a few Robo Fish and call it a day.

Robo Fish are little robotic fish activated when they hit water. They swim around, and their movements look pretty close to the real thing. Granted, these will die, too, but on the upside, you and your kids don’t have to feed them, so they’ll probably last longer than actual goldfish.

There are four different kinds of fish you can grab. Or, if you want to give up the pretense of realism (or if your kids just think sharks are rad), there are four different shark bots you can buy, too. No laser beams on the head, which seems to be a missed opportunity. Zuru Toys’ Robo Fish can be found now for about $10 in CVS stores.