Kid-Tough Apptivity Case for the Kindle Fire Will (Hopefully) Take Everything Your Toddler Can Dish Out

Fisher Price’s latest kid-proof case is for the Kindle Fire. The Kid-Tough Apptivity Case is a heavy-duty protective shell made with toddlers in mind, and has seen work on a lot of mobile devices thus far.

The Kindle Fire case features oversized rubber grips and a clear plastic screen cover. It won’t cover you against the blunt-force trauma to the screen risk that still comes with toddler territory, but your Kindle Fire should otherwise be reasonably protected with this case. The screen cover is touch friendly, so kids can still use the touchscreen without getting it all sticky or fingerprint-y.

The Kid-Tough Apptivity Case for Kindle Fire is due out on April 25. You can order one now for $30. It’s available in both blue and pink.