Little Vamplets are Here to Suck Young Blood

Proving that plush toys can be cute in all sorts of ways, we have the creatures from the Nightmare Nursery – a group of babies who are actual terrors.

Designed by Gayle Middleton, the artist and illustrator behind the new and immensely popular My Little Pony line, Vamplets are horror babies from Gloomvania, the home world of the Vampyres (if you have questions, you can check out the forthcoming comic series starring the little ones). There are babies of all kinds of beasts here – vampyre babies, werewolf babies, vampyre bat babies, and even an abominable snow baby. There’s also a Ghost Pony from Gloomvania, whom we’re sure spends plenty of time haunting Equestria.

The project is on Kickstarter now, and there are plenty of extra goodies and exclusives available for some of the higher reward tiers, like zombie and cyclops babies. Rewards also include signed missing posters for the babies and soft or hard cover copies of the forthcoming comic book and graphic novel.

The babies are all made of plush, with polar fleece as the outer covering. Some of the babies were available last year, and are being brought back as part of the 2013 Kickstarter. Brand new to this year will be the pedigreed Vampyre Kitten, Midnight Mori tohe Vampyre Baby, and the Gloomvanian Ghost Pony.

Fortunately, you won’t be these little guys’ next victim – you can also get a little bottle of disappearing blood for safer feeding time.