Talking Tom and Talking Ben Jump Into the Real World in Plush Form

Talking Tom and Talking Ben, from Dragon-I Toys, have been around for a while in app forms. The cat and dog are erstwhile friends with separate apps, though there is plenty of room left for crossovers. You can interact with Tom and Ben by poking them or pulling their tails and give them items to play with, but the main draw of the apps is the voice changer – anything you say, Tom or Ben will repeat in a high-pitched voice.

Those apps have been pretty big successes on the free app charts – Talking Tom boasts over 120 million downloads alone. Apparently, they were both popular enough to warrant real, plush toys. The plush toys come with all the audio reactions from the app – poke them, and the results will be more or less the same as in the app. The plush toys also have the same ability to repeat what you say in a high-pitched voice, which I’m sure will be great fun once siblings start to use┬áthem against each other.

The apps are still free, and available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find the plush versions of Talking Tom and Talking Ben on Amazon. You can get Talking Ben for about $23, but Talking Tom is currently commanding a much higher price, at about $38.