Quib.ly Helps Get Parents Acquainted With the World of Modern Technology

The generation gap has always existed – children always grow up in different worlds than their parents. It’s not hyperbole to say that that has never been truer than now, with the staggering pace of technological advance today. People who grew up in a time before personal computers are having children who will never know a world without computers that can fit into their pockets. One day, we’ll tell our kids of the time before the Internet, and they won’t believe us or be able to wrap their minds around the concept.

Point is, that’s a lot of parents who aren’t well acquainted with the technology that defines the world their children are growing up in. It’s pretty hard to raise kids when that kind of divide exists. It’s out of that dilemma that quib.ly has come forth. The website is aiming to be a community of concerned parents looking to understand all aspects of today’s technology – video games, the Internet, Facebook, mobile devices – and apply that knowledge to raising their kids.

The site will be a Q&A website, and will require the use of real names to ensure a sense of community (and, of course, accountability). A lot of the discussions will be between parents, but there will be plenty of experts on hand to answer questions, too. That will include game developers, e-safety experts, teachers, and a whole host of other people on the forefront of creating the world kids are growing up in.

You can sign up for an account with quib.ly now using either your Facebook account or an email account.