Snapo Snaps, Slides, and Rotates Into the Toy World

Yes, it’s another building block toy. Don’t tune out just yet – Snapo brings a new dimension to toy building blocks, and should make for a rich toy for kids everywhere to play with.

Instead of building blocks that come in all shapes and sizes, Snapo blocks are all 1 x 1 blocks. That doesn’t sound ideal for building until you consider that Snapo blocks can be stacked on top of each other or connected side to side. The blocks can connect on their sides thanks to slats that also allow kids to slide the blocks up and down once they’ve been connected. Blocks stacked on top of one another can be rotated, which makes things like rotating helicopter blades possible. There are also a few slanted 1 x 1 pieces, which allows for a little more creativity and style than what would come from purely blocky creations. The sets also include wheels, so kids can be free to build their own Snapo vehicles. If your house is already stocked with an assortment of other building blocks, they won’t go to waste – kids will be able to use most in some capacity alongside Snapo blocks.

Snapo blocks currently come in containers with four different color combinations – red/white/black, blue/yellow/red, green/brown/yellow, and pink/purple/white. 277-piece containers are selling for about $28, while 151-piece containers are selling for about $15. You can get packs of 150 in a single color for $13, and there are larger 32 mm Snapo blocks available in packs of 35 for $19. Standard-sized Snapo blocks are 16 mm.