Sesame Street Gets Proper With Upside Downton Abbey

For the past month, maybe you’ve been setting your kids on your gadgets in order to carve out some time for the new Downton Abbey coming out. But, maybe you want to get the little ones in on the act, too. The sooner they learn about stuffy British drama, the better, I say.

As always, Sesame Street is available as an educational guide. The new Sesame Street season kicks off on February 4th, and is leading off with Upside Downton Abbey, a problematic take on the British show. By problematic, I mean the abbey is upside down, and things keep falling down. It’s kind of hard to be mortally offended by breaches of social norms when your food keeps flying away from you. Fortunately, our two puppet heroes devise an elegant solution – as if we could have any other kind of solution in Upside Downton Abbey.

The rest of the new Sesame Street season will see guest spots from Kristen Bell, Jon Hamm, Matt Kemp, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Melissa McCarthy, Paula Patton, Amy Ryan, Donald Glover, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Bobby Moynihan and Dax Shepard. As for Upside Downton Abbey, it’s wonderful, but I feel like I can’t be the only one wishing there was a Statler and Waldorf crossover cameo involved.