Sesame Street P.A.L. System Makes the iPad Much More Kid Friendly


Think you can’t make your iPad two-year-old-friendly? Playskool and Sesame Street have other ideas.

This fall, parents of toddlers can look forward to the Sesame Street P.A.L. System, which will turn your tablet into a kid-friendly education and entertainment center. The system comes with a case with rubber bumpers on the corners, a stand, and a large, kid-friendly magnifying glass tool. That magnifying glass tool will be the cornerstone of the app experience provided by the P.A.L. (Play and Learning) apps that will be released alongside the P.A.L. System. Kids will use it in a lot of different ways to complete activities and play games based on the lessons they learn. Those lessons will be provided via video by Sesame Street characters, in a fun, light, interactive way that should be perfect for early learners.

The case blocks the tablet’s home button, keeping your child locked into the app as long as the P.A.L. System is in use. The magnifying glass will be the only accessory that comes in the package, but there will be several others that can be purchased separately that will give kids new ways to interact with the app, like a paint brush, a grocery scanner, Elmo holding a flashlight, and the Cookie Monster holding a watering hose (of all things).

When it becomes available in the fall, the Sesame Street P.A.L. System will come in sizes that fit both the full-sized and 7” classes of tablets. The cases will probably fit most tablets out there, but the apps will only be available for iOS and Android. The Sesame Street P.A.L. System will retail for about $40.