Radz Finally Gives Us an Alternative to Pez

Pez isn’t the only line of candy dispensers on the block anymore. As of last year, we have Radz, who are packing a lot more personality than the stolid Pez dispensers of old.

Radz dispensers are short, spherical little guys who actually look like they’re happy to give up the goods. These work by pulling back Radz’ big, spiky hair, which will make the Radz stick its tongue out, with one piece of candy in tow. There’s a backpack clip that you can attach to the hair, too. The candy itself covers all bases – it comes in four flavors, and is gluten-free, peanut-free, and kosher.

Starting this year, Radz will be releasing new characters in addition to the Everyday Collection released last year. The 2013 Specialty Collections include sports, animal, and holiday-themed characters. There’s also a collegiate line, with about 30 colleges currently available (you can see the full list here).

There will also be online tie-ins, like a website with animated videos, fan pictures, trading cards, and coloring sheets and two (soon to be three) freeĀ iOS games. Radz: ZapTap and Radz: ZigZag are available now, with Radz: ZipFlip on the way.

Radz all cost $5 to $6, except for the collegiate line, which will cost $8 each. The animal and sports lines will be out in the spring, with the collegiate line coming in the summer and the holiday collection coming in the fall. If you get multiple Radz, keep in mind that the hair can be mixed and matched on all Radz. Candy refills are about $1.50, and come in Orange Burst, Apple Smash, Strawberry Splash, and Radzberry Crush flavors.