Playskool Showcam is a Projector and a Camera!

Baby’s first DSLR? Baby’s first DSLR.

The Playskool Showcam sure looks like one of those top-of-the-line cameras, but it’s actually the newest toddler toy from Playskool. It’s a little more than just a See ‘N’ Say, though – this is a bona fide digital camera, albeit a very limited one. It can only take stills (no video), and there aren’t many customization or editing options. Of course, there shouldn’t be – this is aimed squarely at kids aged about three to eight. Keeping it simple is pretty good idea.

That said, kids can get a little creative by using the Silly button, which will allow kids to add in stamps, stories, and animations to create a whole slide show of images, including their own pictures. That leads into the other big feature of the 2-in-1 Showcam – the projector. By pressing a button, kids can covert the camera into a projector, and show off their pictures instantly  to the whole family. The camera has large buttons and grips, so it should be easy for younger kids to hold and use.

The Showcam can store about 1,000 stills, and those can be viewed on an LCD screen on the back. You can also upload those pictures to a computer via USB. There’s a USB port on the Showcam, but do note that a USB cable will not be included with the camera. The Showcam will be available this fall for $60.