Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Horizon is an Interactive Educational Tool

Every now and then I’ll lament on how much smarter I could be if I grew up during this tech-age we live in. The SmartGlove Horizon By Oregon Scientific is a perfect example on how I missed out. It’s an interactive globe that makes learning about global a lot of fun. It includes 30 educational activities and it connects to the internet to teach kids about up-to-date current events. This techie SmartGlobe includes a bluetooth pen touch system and a voice that can teach children about almost everything there is to know about a specific region.

While the SmartGlobe Horizon may look similar to the classic globe we grew up with, children can consume a lot more information we did, plus it’s going to be a lot more fun then just staring at the globe and spinning it around. Simply, interact with the globe using the talking wireless smart pen and learn all there is to know about the world we live in. There are even multiplayer games to get the whole family engaged.

SmartGlobe can interactively teach users to learn about currency, population, area, timezone, geographical fun facts, political leaders, language, history, national anthem, and even the weather of any point on the map. The SmartGlobe can even calculate functions like how long it takes to fly from point A to point B and how far they are in distance. Then of course, users can be challenged to remember cities, capitals, countries, and continents.

The SmartGlobe seems like a really fun way to learn about our planet. The idea that it can connect to the internet and update its content is fabulous and adds a ton of value and utility to the device. It’s even available in a number of different languages. The SmartGlobe Horizon has three different knowledge levels, so users can be challenged appropriately and fully enjoy the experience.

Oregon Scientific has released a number of SmartGlobes, with the SmartGlobe Horizon being the most advanced. It even integrates with their $150 Meep tablet or the Apple iPad. It’s currently available from Amazon.com for $99.99 and is out-of-stock at BJs with a price of $79.99.