Get Ready for Iron Man 3 With the Iron Man: Armored Avenger App

Iron Man 3 is flying into theaters this April, and to get kids ready, Marvel has released the Iron Man: Armored Avenger app. It’s an interactive storybook, in the same vein as other storybook apps Marvel has released. This one will feature Iron Man taking on the Mandarin, who will be the feature villain in the upcoming movie.

Marvel’s line of storybook apps are directed towards younger readers, usually preteens and elementary school kids. The interactive elements of the app reflect that, with painting and art activities and mini-games that come up during the course of the story or outside of the story. There’s also a challenge throughout the story to find small Iron Man symbols. There are achievements for the mini-games, and you can choose between the modern Iron Man suit or two of the classic styles in mini-games that let you fight the Mandarin. Also key – narration from the legendary Stan Lee.

Unlike a lot of storybook apps out there, you can get the Iron Man: Armored Avenger app for free, on the iTunes App Store. If you have a young Iron Man fan, there’s no reason not to give it a look.