Gameday Scoreboards Keeps Score for Driveway Games Everywhere

Despite the advent of video games and indoors-bound kids, pick-up basketball has managed to retain its popularity. Despite that continued popularity, the most critical problem of hoops with friends has remained unsolved – no one can keep score to save their lives. And you know there’s always that one kid who knows that, and will surreptitiously tack on a few more points to his team’s score whenever he gets the chance.

Gameday Scoreboards puts an end to that kid’s match fixing schemes. It’s a small score display with an LED backlight for the evening games. The central feature is being able to keep score accurately, finally eliminating those five to ten minute arguing about the score breaks. There are separate buttons for scoring three-pointers, too, and the scoreboard tosses in some arena sound effects whenever someone scores. Alternatively, it can be used as a timer for 6, 12, or 18 minute games, complete with an NBA Jam-like countdown to the buzzer at the end. The display can also be used for the letters of HORSE or PIG,¬†and individual players¬†can keep track of their own letters. In fact, these scoreboards are out to settle every dispute on the court – there’s even a ref button that’ll toss out a call – foul or no foul – so everyone can get on with the game. Hopefully.

You can get a Gameday Scoreboard for your kids, and hopefully introduce a little more peace to the basketball court, for about $35, plus $5 for shipping and handling.