Furby Party Rockers Would Make LMFAO Proud

Furbies are going to be back in the house this spring, and they’re ready to rock. Party rock.

They might not start breakdancing (need arms for that), but the new Furby Party Rockers (yes, that’s their actual name) will get the party started in their own special way. Rocking the Furby back in forth will put it in party mode, where it will get progressively more out of control as time goes on. Interacting with the Furby in different ways (like touching it or pulling its tail) will elicit different reactions, too. The Party Rockers will continue the trend set by the Furby update of last year, by having multiple Party Rockers interact with each other when placed in the same area. They can sing songs together or have “conversations” (better have your Furbish-English dictionary ready).

You can also use the free Furby app to interact with the Party Rockers, which will elicit other reactions exclusive to the app.

And, last but not least, these guys are Party Rockers, and that means they will need to accessorize. Accessories there will be, in the form of sunglasses. There will be heart sunglasses, star sunglasses, and, yes, even shutter shades. Little, Furby-sized shutter shades.

Furby Party Rockers will be available this spring for about $25. The Furby app is available for free now for iOS and Android. The new interactive features of the app won’t be added until the spring.

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