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Get Some Facetime With Baby With Fisher-Price’s Apptivity Gym

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Have to be away from the newest member of the family? You can still be with them during playtime thanks to the Apptivity Gym from Fisher-Price.

The Apptivity Gym is like a lot of other baby activity stands – it has a few rings to attach bat-at toys, and a few accessory toys with rattles, bright colors, and other sense-stimulating features. Unlike most other baby toys, this one is also a dock for iOS devices. Specifically, it’s a 30-pin dock, so anything from the post-iPhone 5 Lightning era won’t play nice with this one. You can set the iOS device to one of two Fisher-Price apps designed to accompany the Apptivity Gym, or you can use the device┬áto play some music or, with the help of whoever’s with baby at the time, get in some Facetime.

When an iOS device is not connected, there’s a mirror that provides a little extra sensory stimulation. Four extra toys that can be hooked onto the gym come with the set – a lion with clackers, a roller ball penguin, a frog with colorful beads, and a paddle wheel bird. The rubber feet on each of the legs prevent the gym from sliding around too much.

The Fisher-Price Apptivity Gym is available now in stores for about $35.