Disney Infinity Opens Up a Whole New World of Gaming

Out of the many, many merchandise tie-ins coming out ahead of this year’s June release of Monsters University, one of the most intriguing is Disney Infinity, a video game-physical toy tie-in project.

Set to roll out along with the new movie in June, Disney Infinity will feature adventures based on a host of Disney worlds, like Monsters University, The Incredibles, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Those worlds will be tied in to collectible figures that can be purchased as part of the Disney Infinity line. That also means you’ll probably be reaching for your wallet a lot, but hey, this is Disney we’re talking about.

Most of the value of the game will come from the virtual toy box that kids will be able to build up by collecting in-game items, characters, and gadgets. Kids will then be able to dig into their toy box and make up their own adventures, which is probably a better approximation of physical playtime than the game itself, and should be a hit with kids who love to create their own Disney crossover adventures in their heads.

The game will be available for all current-generation consoles come this June, and will also be released for mobile operating systems later in the year. You can find more information about Disney Infinity and the other toys that are coming out along with Monsters University in the press release below.

Press Release