The Aqua Scale Lets You Bathe and Weigh Your Baby in One Go

The Aqua Scale is a useful device that combines a couple of baby-raising tasks quickly and easily. It’s a tub that can be filled with water, and can weigh your baby down to the gram or ounce.

After filling the tub up with water, you can zero out the scale, and put your baby in. The scale accounts for movement of your baby and the water around him or her, which should keep the reading accurate. The tub can also automatically regulate the temperature of the water, making sure that your baby stays comfortable during bath time, which sounds like a good time for both baby and parent. The tub will record and display your baby’s previous weight on the LCD screen, and when your baby grows up, you can extend the tub to fit toddlers.

You can buy the Aqua Scale on UpSpring Baby for $70, or look for it at Babies ‘R’ Us or Target.