Keep Your Baby Healthy With the Help of the Withings Smart Kid Scale

Being a new parent is, needless to say, stressful. So, it’s always nice to see technology lend a helping hand in keeping the newest members of the family happy and healthy.

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is much like the Withings Wi-Fi scale, but designed specifically for the younger crowd. The scale has a detachable baby basket, and is recommended for use from infancy to age eight. Like the regular Wi-Fi scale, the Smart Kid Scale passes data on to a companion app – this time, the Withings Baby Companion app. Using that app, you can store and track your child’s weight over time, and share that data with family, friends, or, more importantly, your pediatrician. The app also has space for you to log diet and feeding information, including specific fields for breastfeeding. Also important is a feature that allows you to check your baby’s stats against the average for his or her size and age, which should help new parents to get an idea of how healthy their baby is.

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is made for infants to eight-year-olds, but any child past the need for that detachable baby basket probably doesn’t need his or her own scale – the regular sized one that the parents use should be sufficient. For the littlest ones, that baby cradle and the detailed companion app make for a solid way for those with no experience in parenting to start finding their way.

The scale features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well, so you’ll be able to link up to that companion app and transfer data. The Withings Smart Kid Scale is available now for $180. The companion app is free, but is only available for iOS.