Mr. Potato Head Finally Gets a Proper Starring Role in His Own App

Given the endlessly customizable nature of the original Mr. Potato Head, you’d think the old favorite would have had his own proper app by now. Not so, at least until Callaway Digital Arts stepped in. The developers teamed up with Hasbro to give Mr. Potato Head the fully-fledged, official app he deserves.

Mr. Potato Head Create & Play takes the original Mr. Potato Head concept to a whole new level. Kids will have over 200 parts to sort through, so they can dress Mr. Potato Head and stick things where they don’t belong to their little hearts’ content for hours on end. Being a proper smartphone app, anyone will be able to take a photo and share their creations online. Once kids are done with the creating, they can move on to the playing, taking Mr. Potato Head to several different environments. Once he gets where he’s going, both Mr. Potato Head and the environment can be interacted with fully – touching literally anywhere on the screen will initiate some kind of reaction.

Mr. Potato Head Create & Play is available for free on all iOS devices. There are also extra parts and environments that can be acquired as in-app purchases.