DigiPals Make for Adorable School Companions

DigiPals are more than just cute and cuddly animal friends – they’re protectors of mobile devices, and they do a pretty fine job of keeping them clean, too.

DigiPals are smartphone-sized zipper pouches with one of four different animals – monkey, owl, turtle, or penguin – on the outside. The inside of the pouch is lined with a microfiber cloth, not unlike something you would use to rub your smartphone screen clean with. Rubbing a device on the inside of a DigiPal will get the screen looking good as new, which is great considering how nasty those screens can get when it comes to kids. An extra zipper pouch is big enough to hold school ID cards, money, or other little school-friendly objects.

The number of kids with smartphones really is going through the roof, and there’s even more toting around the iPod Touch. It’s safe to say, like it or not, that there’s definitely a market for DigiPals. And, if you have a kid with a smartphone, you’re going to want to protect it as best you can. Might as well do it in the most adorable way possible. You’ll have to wait until April to get one, though. Once they become available,┬áDigiPals will sell for $15 each.