Desk Pets Set to Unveil BattleTanks at the International Toy Fair

Once the International Toy Fair rolls around to New York next month, Desk Pets will be ready to wage war on desktops everywhere. Their mighty battalion of smartphone-controlled tanks is almost ready for duty.

BattleTanks are some of the newest toys from Desk Pets, and they’re armed and dangerous. The tiny tanks will be equipped with infrared cannons that can blast other Desk Pets toys, as well as a drone tank. That drone tank will be sold separately, and will roam around on its own once you turn it on, giving you a moving target to chase after. Your own BattleTank can also be set to move around on its own, if you just want some background noise. You can take control using the control app that can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices. Using the app, you can toggle between those two modes, fire, and tap boost for a speed boost, handy if you’re battling a rival BattleTank. The left and right treads can be controlled separately, if you need to take emergency evasive action. That might be necessary, too – every shot your tank takes from an enemy tank slows it down a little.

The BattleTanks will be charged via USB, and will offer up to 25 minutes of playtime. The tanks charge up completely in 40 minutes. The BattleTanks will come in white, olive, and green, but you can also look forward to similar desk toys from Desk Pets at the International Toy Fair, including CarBot, SkitterBot, and TrekBot. Desk Pets will be telling you all about them when the fair kicks off at the Javits Center in New York City on February 10. If you don’t want to wait, you can snag a BattleTank now on the Desk Pets online store for $30.