Phones Under Arrest for Disturbing Family Time

To many, those ringing and buzzing interruptions of dinner time are so heinous as to be a crime. Now available is an appropriate visual metaphor.

Cell Lock-Up is a literal prison into which phones found guilty of disturbing the peace are thrown. There is a sentencing timer, and there will be alarm bells if one of the kids tries to mastermind a jailbreak. Better make sure those alarm bells are equipped with the requisite two AAA batteries, though, or you’ll be left with an open cell door, and questions about what went wrong.

Cell Lock-Up can hold up to six phones (there are even little prison beds for two of them), but I figure you can squeeze in more if you’re a harsh warden and don’t care about the conditions¬†in your prison. You’ll also want to make this some kind of an Elba-like island prison, because the spaces between the bars are totally big enough for smaller fingers to get through. The most dedicated prison spouses will not be deterred.

You can sentence your smartphones to 30 minutes of hard time for about $20 here.