My Little Pony Comes to iOS and Android in the Form of a Free-to-Play Game

Fans young and old of the new My Little Pony animated series have something new to look forward to – an open-world free-to-play My Little Pony game hitting iOS and Android devices very soon.

Everypony can recreate Ponyville, from the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in the new game. Along the way, players will interact with characters from the show like Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. There will be mini-games tailored to each pony – a flying game for the airborne Rainbow Dash and an apple picking game for Applejack, for example. The game will feature the same voice acting from the animated series, too.

Details are still scarce, but you can bet on two things – plenty of social features and plenty of microtransactions available. If you’re worried that you or your kid is going to get too hooked, be careful – those microtransactions are probably going to add up in a hurry, especially for a My Little Pony game, considering the fan fervor behind this series.

My Little Pony should hit iOS and Android devices sometime during the holiday season. Being free-to-play, the game will be nominally free, but no word yet on how the inevitable microtransactions available will look. It’s probable that the game can be kept free with enough social participation on the part of the player.

If you’re excited at the prospect of your very own Ponyville, you can whet your appetite for more Equestria by watching the trailer and checking out the screenshots below.