2012 Hess Toy Truck Takes to the Skies

Hess gas stations across the East Coast are ready for the holidays – the annual holiday Hess Toy Truck has arrived.

This year’s truck is actually a rescue helicopter, with sound effect, lights, and working rotors. It should be a real light show, with flashing and steady lights, along with searchlights that move from side to side. There is a truck involved, though – with the press of a button, the cargo bay of the helicopter opens, and a small rescue truck can be brought out. The truck also has working lights, along with a pull-back motor.

It’s not the first time the annual Hess Toy Truck has gone airborne, but it is the first time that the truck will be available for purchase online, from the Hess website. That’s probably neither here nor there for those living on the East Coast, but it’ll mark the first time that the rest of the country can get in on the Hess holiday tradition.

The 2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue is on sale at Hess locations and online for about $27.