Orbeez Lights Up Your Ceiling With Flower Power and LED Lights

Earlier this year, we took a look at Orbeez, a new line of toys that centered around the use of small plastic globes that inflate when submerged in water to create huge, squishy, colorful orbs.

The newest addition to the Orbeez family is the Flower Power Light Show, and it should create quite the mesmerizing light show on many ceilings. It’s a tank adorned with plastic red petals – hence the flower power moniker. The tank holds enough water to house dozens of individual orbs, all of which will gently move and rotate in the tank. Thanks to the semi-transparent nature of Orbeez, the LED lights that can be turned on at the bottom of the tank will shine through to create a constantly changing light show swirling on the ceiling.

The Flower Power Light Show comes with eight packets or Orbeez, which comes out to about 1,500 individual spheres. It’s worth noting that Orbeez don’t necessarily have to be one-time use toys – once you’re done using the Light Show, you can seal up the Orbeez and store them in a cool place, like the refrigerator, where they can keep their form for weeks. The package also comes with an activity booklet suggesting more games and activities that can be played using Orbeez. The Flower Power Light Show set is selling now on Amazon for about $20.