Your Kids Will Get to Know Myachi Battle Paddles Like the Backs of Their Hands

Myachi Battle Paddles are a new toy, and, like the best toys, can be used to play as many games as kids can imagine. And, the last time I checked, kids can imagine a lot of games.

The paddles are flat pieces of plastic roughly shaped like table tennis paddles, and are worn on the back of the hand. The paddles are mostly flat, with raised edges to help players catch the “ball” – a rectangular bean bag called a Myachi hand sack. There are rough patches on the surface that allow kids to “catch” those Myachi hand sacks, which maintain a loose enough grip to where players can throw the sacks around with relative ease. The challenge is that you’ll only be using the back of your hand, testing hand-eye coordination and control.

Again, the amount of impromptu games that can be created with this is huge. In the demonstration video, a handball variant and a table tennis variant were shown off, and they look fun enough for kids and adults alike. It’s also an award-winning toy, taking home Creative Child Magazine’s 2012 Product of the Year Award.

Each Myachi Battle Paddle costs $20, and a pack of 12 paddles plus six hand sacks costs $100. You can also buy a bunch of Myachi hand sacks on the cheap from Amazon.