Get Your Child Started on Their Medical Career with the Little Mommy Doctor Doll

Little girls can start administering a little TLC to their new doll with Little Mommy Doctor Doll.

The doll, from Mattel, comes with a little doctor’s kit full of toy medical supplies, most of which have different light and sound effects when used. For example, girls can use a stethoscope to check the doll’s heart rate, which will make her heart light up and beat. Kids can also check her temperature, feed her medicine, and test her reflexes.

The doll will respond with different lines, depending on what treatments she receives. Sometimes, she’ll also let you know that she’s not feeling too well, telling you she a tummyache or that she feels hot. Girls will then be able to use the approriate toy medical supplies to treat whatever the doll is suffering from. You’ll have a little House running around in no time.

Your little girl can play doctor on a house call for about $50 – you can find the Little Mommy Doctor Doll on Amazon now.