The KoolSpoon is Maybe the Greatest Thing Ever

Like many great inventions throughout history, the KoolSpoon is incredibly simple in concept. Also, like many other great inventions, it serves to solve a diabolical problem that has hounded humanity, no doubt, for thousands of years.

Burning your tongue might just be a thing of the past. Finally.

It happens to just about everyone across the nation at some point. You make soup. You brew some coffee. And, when it’s done, you want it immediately. You know you’re going to burn your tongue, and you know that no amount of blowing is going to help, but you take a sip anyway, and then everything tastes slightly worse for the next three days.

Instead, get a KoolSpoon, and stick it in the freezer. Freezer gel inside the spoon will absorb the heat from whatever boiling substance you have in front of you, bringing it down to a Goldilocksian temperature. That’s about all there is to it. When you’re done, you can stick it in the dishwasher, then back in the freezer until you need it again. It’s marketed towards parents for use with their kids, but I have to think this would be a must-have for pretty much anyone with a freezer.

Each KoolSpoon is selling for about $6, but you can also buy them in blocks of three for $5 each.