Let Your Kids Glow Crazy All Over the Walls

I know that “walls” and “doodling” are never two words you want to see together when you’re a parent, but hear me out. With Glow Crazy, you can let your kids get their doodling demons out all over the walls, without having to suffer any permanent marks or clean-up afterward.

Glow Crazy comes with a special glow light pen called the Magic Lightwand and glow-in-the-dark canvas-sized paper called GlowClings, which come in multiple colors. By pointing the pen and shining the beam at the paper, kids can make glow-in-the-dark designs on their own, or use the included stencils. Clean-up is as easy as taking the paper off the wall, rolling it up, and stashing it.

The downside is that the doodles are pretty short-lived, fading after less than a minute. It seems like a fun toy to play around with and shine all over the place, but some kids might not be satisfied by not being able to keep their designs around for at least a few minutes. The other downer would be that the pen requires four AAA batteries to function.

Glow Crazy comes with the Magic Lightwand, two jumbo GlowClings, four stencil sheets, and a tip booklet. You can grab the whole set off Amazon now for a little over $28.