Create Plastic Pieces of Art With the Incredible Shrinky Dinks

A new spin on the original oven-bound kids’ activity has arrived with The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker. The original version provided the plastic, which, after being decorated, would shrink up in a heated oven into hard plates that could be used as decorations or jewelry.

The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker of today makes the activity a little more accessible for children to enjoy. You won’t have to worry about the potentially troubling combination of child and oven – this set comes with a kid-safe mini-oven, along with six plastic sheets, a keychain, and a magnetic strip, along with a few other art supplies. Kids can use the colored pencils that come with the set to decorate those plastic sheets before cutting them up into the desired shape and throwing them in the mini-oven.

That mini-oven requires a 60W candelabra clear base bulb to function as a heat source, and that doesn’t come with the set. After designing and cutting the plastic, kids can lay the plastic on the tray, put it into the oven, and watch from the top as the plastic shrinks into the finished product.

Some problems have been reported with getting the tray to fit in the oven and getting the tray jammed, but by most accounts, the core part of the experience – plastic shrinking up into hard pieces of jewelry – works just fine. You can grab The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker off Amazon now for about $27.