Crayola Light Designer – Crayola Without the Mess

A Crayola product that won’t risk (possibly permanent) defacing of the walls of your home? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s the Crayola Light Designer, and it’s real.

The Crayola Light Designer is shaped a little like a 3D traffic cone or wizard’s hat, and has a black surface. Kids can use the included stylus to bring that surface to life with seven different colors. The surface will react to the stylus, and produce colors from light – no mess involved. Thanks to the tech involved, kids will also be able to check out pre-programmed scenes for inspiration. An animation mode lets kids create their own animated scenes spanning a few frames. There are even a few art-based games programmed into the device.

You can encourage your children’s artistic development without ratcheting up cleaning costs by heading over to Amazon, where you can find the Crayola Light Designer for about $50.