Bink’d – Earrings the Easy, Painless Way

Kids young and old like the look of earrings. Kids young and old also don’t like pain. With that said, it’s amazing that the idea behind Bink’d has taken this long to arrive.

Bink’d is selling tiny temporary tattoos designed to mimic the style and shape of earrings. Kids get to enjoy wearing earrings, without actually going through the painful process of getting their ears pierced. There are dozens of styles available on the site for both boys and girls, including some with glitter and glow effects. The tattoos last about seven days, and are made with vegetable-based inks that are safe to use on skin.

The Bink’d earrings come in a roll, so you’ll have to cut them off the roll one at a time. After that, they can be applied to the ear using water, either by using a wet cotton ball or the applicator pen that Bink’d is selling for $1.

Each roll of Bink’d earrings sells for $5.95, with a flat shipping fee of $2. There are also several package deals available that cut down on shipping costs, or come with extras like carrying cases, depending on which category you are browsing.