Alien Hatchi is a Tamagotchi Lost in Space

Is taking care of a virtual pet a little too down to Earth for you or your kids? Take things into outer space with Alien Hatchi, the latest virtual pet app out on the market.

Gameplay doesn’t stray too far from the tried and true formula. You care for an alien egg trapped in a spaceship above Earth, which will eventually hatch into a little green alien that you’ll need to feed, care for, and clean up after. Depending on how you interact with your Hatchi, you’ll see different evolutions when it becomes a teenager and an adult. Then, once it reaches adulthood, it’ll blast off back to its home planet, and young players can get their very first taste of empty nest syndrome! I’ll bet that alien won’t even call or anything.

In order to buy items to take care of Hatchi, you’ll need to collect credits in-game. You can also get valuable space dust. Space dust is collected by going to certain places around you – the app uses your GPS information to bring the challenge of the game into the real world. Of course, if going from place to place collecting space dust sounds like a pain, there is another way. Differing amounts of fuel can be had as in-app purchases at various levels.

Alien Hatchi is available now on the iTunes App Store for $0.99, for both the iPhone and the iPad.