Keep Your Smartphone Sticky Fingerprint Free With the KidSafe Cover

I’m not exactly sure why kids’ fingerprints are so much more sticky and dirty than everyone else’s, but they are. That combined with smartphones makes for lots of unhappy parents and nasty looking screens.

The KidSafe Cover is a pretty cheap solution, especially if you’ve given up on trying to constantly monitor when your kids get their hands on your smartphone (we wouldn’t blame you, it’s near impossible these days). It’s a polyester slip cover that completely seals the phone, with a transparent window that allows kids to still use the touchscreen, even when covered up. If your kids start to look at your smartphone with hungering eyes, you can just slip it in the cover and not worry about it getting filthy with whatever your kids manage to track into the house.

The KidSafe Cover is selling now from Veyl Products for about $13. The cover is available in black with blue detail or pink detail.