Getting Your Kids Ready for School is As Easy As ABC HD

Give your incoming Kindergarten student a leg up with ABC HD, an app designed to help kids memorize the alphabet and basic phonetic values.

ABC HD, which was originally known as Cartoon ABC, has received a more colorful, Retina-friendly update. The alphabet comes alive with hundreds of illustrations and animations that should get (and, more importantly, keep) kids’ attention. The app focuses on teaching uppercase and lowercase letters, along with elementary phonics. It should be just the thing to get new students off to a good start this school year.

If you have several youngsters around the house, you can create separate user profiles for each one, so you and your kids can keep track of progress on an individual basis. While progressing through the alphabet, kids can tap on plenty of other objects on-screen to reveal new animations.

ABC HD is available now for both iOS and Android, and costs $0.99, which keeps the ads away.