VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Transformers, Except They’re Dinosaurs

How do you top Transformers? Well, you don’t. But you can get pretty close with robot dinosaurs in disguise.

The VTech Switch & Go Dinos are new toys from VTech that are, essentially Transformers. The toys are small race cars that change into various kinds of dinosaurs, like the tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, apatosaurus, and, crucially, the pteranodon. The idea behind them is pretty simple – kids think dinosaurs are awesome, and they think cars are awesome. Put them together with lights and sounds during the transforming phase, and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire winner.

As added extras, each car has a small LCD screen that shows simple black and white animations in both car and dinosaur mode. There is also a talk button that dispenses dinosaur fun facts.

You can pick up the VTech Switch & Go Dinos for around $15 each on Amazon.