Playing House Gets a Little More Real With Servin’ Surprises

Remember what playing house was like when you were a kid? Chances are, you didn’t have any props unless your parents bestowed the Easy-Bake Oven upon you. Kids today, they get a little extra.

Servin’ Surprises is an all-in-one kitchen table playset, with kitchen props for kids to play around with. Your little newlyweds won’t exactly be living a healthy play lifestyle, though – the set comes with cookie and pizza props that can be placed onto pans and put in the play oven. After every action, the playset will respond with phrases or songs, keeping things light and teaching kids about proper table manners.

There are also play forks, spoons, dishes, and cups. Once mealtime is done, Servin’ Surprises encourages kids to clean up, which is great – a little training on this thing and you’ll be able to have your kids do all the kitchen clean-up for you in no time.

And, like any toy of the 21st century, extra accessories are available and sold separately, including ice cream, cake, and kabob props that will elicit new songs and phrases from the playset.

The Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises playset is selling now on Amazon for about $64.