Dora Let’s Play Backpack Livens Up the iPad for Young Kids

The Dora Let’s Play Backpack is the latest of Discovery Bay Games’ Duo line of toys that work in tandem with iOS apps. This one features Dora’s trusty backpack as a scorekeeping companion to the accompanying Dora Let’s Play Backpack – Duo App.

The app will feature games like “Let’s Listen,” “Let’s Pack,” “Let’s Match,” and “Say It Two Ways,” which will encourage young children and build up math, logic, listening, and Spanish speaking skills. The backpack accessory works much the same way as the rest of the Duo line – there will be an assortment of tokens, and kids will place a token in the corresponding slot on the backpack to answer questions.

It’s a little gimmicky, but a physical way to play with apps can be an important part of keeping young learners interested and motivated – just touching a screen over and over again might not be stimulating enough for some. It doesn’t hurt that the backpack accessory brings a cute face to the proceedings.

You can grab the Dora Let’s Play Backpack off Amazon now for about $40, or look for it to show up in retail stores sometime this fall.

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