Color Splasherz Turns Up the Heat on Jewelry

Girls can start getting a little creative with their jewelry with Color Splasherz.

Color Splasherz are jewelry sets that feature beads and pendants that change color when submerged in warm or cold water. Each piece has two possible colors, which can be alternated by putting the piece into contact with either warm or cold water. Actually, it doesn’t need to be water at all – the jewelry reacts to temperature, so don’t be surprised if the pieces change color all by themselves on particularly hot or cold days.

Using one of the three sets available, girls can use warm and cold water along with sticker patterns and droppers to create unique designs on their pendants and beads. Included in the sets are beads that don’t change color, along with the bases for both necklaces and bracelets.

Each of the three sets can be found now for sale on Amazon, each of which come with varying amounts of jewelry pieces. The larger Design Station is selling for about $25, while the smaller Purse Set and Jewel Set are selling for $15 and $9, respectively.