Xploderz Releases Second Generation of Toy Guns With Safe Ammo

The Xploderz X2 line of toy guns looks to improve on the first generation, offering longer range and more accuracy.

All three of the new toy guns will feature faster rates of fire, as well. The three new X2 guns are the X2 Invader 700, the X2 Mauler 1000, and the X2 Retaliator 2000. The Invader 700 is for short range (85 feet), while the Mauler is a mid-range rifle that can shoot targets up to 95 feet away. If kids want to get all Enemy at the Gates with each other, they can get the sniper rifle-like Retaliator, which can fire at targets 100 feet away.

The ammunition itself comes in the form of absorbent polymers. The flat ammo is loaded into the clips, which can then be filled with water. The polymers absorb the water, making the ammo grow into orbs that splatter kind of like paintballs. It’s really more like kids shooting each other with a bunch of really tiny water balloons. Not bad, considering they won’t be causing any damage or injury and won’t harm the environment.

The X2 generation of Xploderz guns aren’t quite ready for sale yet, but you can check out the Xploderz site periodically for further updates.