Need a Starter DS for Your Kids? Check Out the VTech MobiGo 2

The VTech MobiGo 2 is the other major release from VTech this week, and aims to be for the handheld gaming system what the InnoTab 2 is for the tablet.

The MobiGo 2, unlike the InnoTab 2, is strictly a mobile gaming console, which can work with apps or cartridges, both of which are limited to VTech’s supply of approved software. The update to the original MobiGo will feature a touchscreen, a motion sensor, and a microphone, all of which will be used extensively by the new games being published specifically for the MobiGo 2. As with all of VTech’s kid-friendly software, most of the games will have an educational slant for young learners, which is why the device is being branded as a “touch learning system.”

Coloring book apps will also be available, and kids will be able to view photos and some eBooks on the device, though the device seems a little small to be a good reader, especially for young kids. There’s also a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, aimed at giving kids experience with the format for when they become old enough to use real devices.

As for that age limit, better start kids off with the MobiGo 2 when they’re very young. Before you know it, they’ll know better, and getting a MobiGo 2 as a birthday present might not go over so well once your kids are old enough to know when they’re getting a watered-down “kids'” device. For the right age group, though, the MobiGo 2 can be a good source of educational material, though the price of software is a tad high for what you’ll be getting. The MobiGo 2 is priced at about $60, and can be found on Amazon now.

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