New Edith Ann App is the Truth

Here’s an unexpected blast from the past – an app based on Edith Ann. Edith Ann was introduced in 1969 by Lily Tomlin on Laugh-In, and was known for her sarcastic take on the broader issues of life. She’s back in a new app for all iOS devices that features the little one in four different games.

City Adventures With Edith Ann packs in four games featuring the five-year-old in her animated form. Snack Stack challenges players to stack cookies using a couple different plates, the trick being that only smaller cookies can be stacked on larger ones. Bug Rescue is a tapping game where players need to save bugs from city pollution, while Word Wall features word scramble puzzles. Amazing requires players to guide Edith Ann through a city maze, full of obstacles that will slow her down.

City Adventures With Edith Ann is available now on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.