YogiPlay Makes Smartphones Smarter for Child Development

There are loads of educational apps available on most app stores today, and according to the husband-and-wife team behind YogiPlay, that can be a problem. That’s why Cedric and Michal Sellin created YogiPlay, a service for mobile devices that helps parents find just the right apps for their child’s education and development.

YogiPlay hinges on one app – the Parent Center. From the Parent Center, parents can view their kids’ progress in a number of apps, while the app gets a clearer picture of what apps and games would be appropriate for the child, which depends on a number of factors including age and interests.

Parents and kids can get the most out of YogiPlay by downloading YogiPlay boosted apps, which allow kids to create custom profiles and earn points that they can spend on rewards in YogiWorld. Parents can send customized messages of encouragement and get more information about their kids’ progress and interests.

App recommendations through YogiPlay aren’t limited to just those YogiPlay boosted apps, though – the service searches through entire app stores to find just the right games and apps for kids. YogiPlay has been developed in cooperation with professionals in the field of education to make sure the results are beneficial to child development.

Ideally, with YogiPlay and the Parent Center, parents won’t have to wrack their brains trying to find educational apps that actually work as advertised. That should come as a much needed relief, as more and more educational and developmental apps get produced – some helpful, some not so much.

To get started with YogiPlay, parents will need to create an account on the YogiPlay website. That account is free, as is the Parent Center, which works on all iOS and Android devices, as well as the Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook.