Slippery Seal Takes Kids on a Trip Up the Pacific Northwest

There are plenty of educational apps and games for kids out on the market today, but few display the attention to detail that Slippery Seal, from Rock Out Apps, does.

Slippery Seal follows a harbor seal named Slippery as he ventures from the San Francisco Bay all the way up to Alaska, along the Northern Pacific coast. The impressive part is how true the app remains to real-life locations, and the ecological diversity found in each area. As he moves from place to place, Slippery will encounter marine life accurate to the various locations in the game – some friendly, others not so much.

The game manages to pack in 10 levels and a host of memorable characters while providing kids with a little educational introduction to the world of oceanography. Throughout the course of the game, kids will need to guide Slippery as he hunts for food and avoids predators like sharks, much as a real harbor seal making that same journey would.

Slippery Seal is available now for all iOS devices. The regular price of the app is $1.99, but it is currently available at a discounted price of $0.99.

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